Thank you for visiting The Digital Photo Stop. My name is Joshua Lerner and I would describe myself as an expert-amateur photographer and web hobbyist. This digital photography website is the result of those two interests.

I became interested in digital photography a few years ago. I consider photography to be a technical and creative art, and digital photography - through the use of software such as Adobe Lightroom - enhances both the creative and technical aspects.

Anecdotely, I have noticed an explosion in the use of digital SLR cameras. Everywhere I go, I see people with some pretty fancy camera equipment (I’m a bit of an equipment geek and look for that kind of stuff) but a lack of understanding about maximizing the potential of that equipment. The old adage “A good craftsman doesn’t blame his tools” may be true, but a corollary is that good tools don’t necessarily make a good craftsman. I believe the photographer is far more responsible for the photographic image, than the camera, and a $1,000 camera with a $1,000 lens on it is completely wasted without understanding the technical aspects of the camera and lens and the creative aspects of photography. Having read a number of books, visited numerous other digital photography websites and spent countless hours practicing different techniques, I hope to share what I’ve learned so others can get better use out of their equipment. That is the purpose of this website. I hope you enjoy my photographs and find the articles useful. To see what I carry for my own equipment, click here

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