I will admit, I’m not a professional photographer.  In fact, I have no formal photography training.  I’ve been a photo-hobbyist for years and the goal of this site is to provide you the visitor with relevant, pertinent information to help you improve your photography.  I have gained this knowledge and information through experience and through reading photography books and magazines.  But no, I have no diploma or certificate of “expertise.”

If there should be any relevant conflicts of interest, it will be stated up front.  If Canon were to send me their newest $10,000 lens free-of-charge to review, I’m not going to turn it away.  Canon, are you reading this?  Advertisements seen on the site are by no means endorsements or recommendations, in fact, I don’t even choose them.  You can blame or credit Google for them, however you see fit.  Google, I know you’re reading this! 😉

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