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There are many ways to support the site. Commenting on and sharing my articles and photographs is tremendously motivating, and helps me improve both the site and my photography. Are there questions or ideas for articles you have? I'd love to hear them! And I'd love even more if you wanted to contribute an article. Did you learn a handy trick, or pick up a photography relevant skill that you want to share? Send it along!

Financially, this site is supported in two main ways: via the advertisements you see on the site, and through the use of an Amazon affiliate program. I can't ask you to click on any advertisement you aren't interested in, but hopefully if Google is smart enough, it will put up photography relevant ads you may like. Thanks for clicking! Additionally, if you are interested in any camera equipment that I've discussed or reviewed on this site, you'll likely see a link on the relevant page to purchase it via, if you do (through the link), this site will "earn" a portion of the sale. Don't worry, I have no plans or hopes of quitting my day job! 🙂

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