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Macro photography and macro extension tubes

Macro Photography And Using Macro Extension Tubes

Macro photography is cool, really cool.  Any photograph that makes the subject appear larger than life captures our attention.  Think: insects that look giant, photography of flowers or leaf petals.  Unfortunately, macro photography requires special macro lenses.  Macro lenses are designed to have a closer focusing distance than your regular lens.  To really zoom in […]

Using A 10-Stop ND Filter - title

A Step By Step Guide To Using A 10 Stop Neutral Density Filter

The 10-Stop neutral density filter is incredible.  It filters out 99.9% of light!  Without smudging your fingerprints on the filter itself, hold it up to the brightest light you can find.  You probably will not be able to see anything through it.  And yet, with a correctly calculated exposure time, your image will look completely […]

Beyond The Basics Of Point-And-Shoot Cameras - tile image

Beyond The Basics of Point-And-Shoot Cameras

So you’ve graduated from your iPhone’s camera, great!  Now what?  I’m assuming you’ve bought yourself a digital SLR camera (DSLR) or at the very least a compact system camera that has interchangeable lenses.  I think of the compact system as a “hybrid” camera as it has some features of a SLR, but also retains many […]