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Article on how to photograph the sky well

Photographing The Sky

Photographing the sky isn’t as easy as it looks.  More often than not, the sky appears washed out and dull in photographs.  The first key to any shot that includes the sky is to make sure there are clouds in the  image.  Without clouds, the sky will be dull no matter what. Take a look […]

Macro photography and macro extension tubes

Macro Photography And Using Macro Extension Tubes

Macro photography is cool, really cool.  Any photograph that makes the subject appear larger than life captures our attention.  Think: insects that look giant, photography of flowers or leaf petals.  Unfortunately, macro photography requires special macro lenses.  Macro lenses are designed to have a closer focusing distance than your regular lens.  To really zoom in […]

Using A 10-Stop ND Filter - title

A Step By Step Guide To Using A 10 Stop Neutral Density Filter

The 10-Stop neutral density filter is incredible.  It filters out 99.9% of light!  Without smudging your fingerprints on the filter itself, hold it up to the brightest light you can find.  You probably will not be able to see anything through it.  And yet, with a correctly calculated exposure time, your image will look completely […]

Tips For Long Exposures - title

Tips For Taking Long Exposures

Long exposure photography is useful for creating a blur effect with movement (think waterfalls and cityscapes with cars) and necessary in low light such as with night photography.  Of course your shutter speed, which may vary from a few seconds to minutes, will vary based on the amount of ambient light, and use of a […]


Photographing Great Landscapes

I have to admit, photographing landscapes is one of my favorite types of photography and is also the most challenging.  All too often, my pictures from an amazing hike (where I had to lug all my heavy equipment along!) don’t do justice to the breathtaking geography I just saw.  Granted, the human eye, or more […]